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4 Things to Know About Gas Compliance Certificates

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The terminology and precise rules may differ from state to state, but all across Australia, the gas compliance certificate is a big deal.

For the humble resident or small business operator, getting some gas fitting work done seems pretty straightforward. If you need a new gas hot water system, have a gas cooktop to install, or a fault to repair, what do you do? Make a simple call to your trusty plumber and gas fitter and Bob’s your uncle!

But you also need to realise that the work you’re getting done almost certainly is going to require a gas compliance certificate, or a gas compliance plate or badge.

Gas compliance certificate – What’s that all about?

Basically, no matter what each state or council calls it, a gas certificate of compliance is a tangible piece of evidence that proves that the work that has been done is all above board.

There are lots of standards and regulations that gas fitters need to comply with, and the gas compliance certificate shows that all of those rules have been followed. The gas fitter is making an official declaration that their work is allowed and that it is safe, which protects the property owner in the event of any problems.

For instance, if the gas work is faulty, it will be the fitter who has to fix it, not you.

In many cases, the gas compliance certificate is the final ‘green light’ for the actual gas supplier to ‘turn on the gas’ to a property that is completely safe.

Gas compliance certificate – What else do you need to know?

1. They’re issued by the gas fitter
Don’t worry about needing to apply for gas compliance documentation yourself – the gas fitter or plumber does it for you.

They’ll give you a copy, and then forward another copy to the network operator.

2. You always need one
While each state handles the gas compliance certificate system slightly differently, it’s important to remember that just about every gas installation across Australia must be carried out by a licensed gas fitter.

3. You may need a gas compliance plate, too
As well as the gas compliance certificate, whatever gas work you’re getting done may also require a gas compliance plate.

Basically, the plate or badge is physically attached to a gas installation, and it outlines who carried out the work. If a plate is already present, the gas fitter will update it with the latest work that has been carried out.

4. You won’t get your gas without one
If you fail to get a licensed gas fitter to do your work, you’re not only breaking the law – you may find that the supply of gas dries up pretty quickly! A gas supplier cannot commence or continue to supply premises if the installation is not certified.

Confused by all this gas compliance talk? Don’t be!

If all this talk of compliance certificates is confusing you, don’t worry! The guys at Advanced Plumbing & Gas are not just friendly, skilled and experienced, we’re also fully licensed experts who will take care of all your Brisbane gas fitting AND gas compliance issues as well. Give us a call and leave it with us to do first-class, affordable and absolutely fully compliant gas work — gas compliance certificate and all!

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