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Plumbing Tips

Gas VS Electric Hot Water: What You Need To Know

Has your hot water system passed it’s prime or suddenly stopped working? Yes, a new one is going to hurt the wallet, but the family isn’t going to patiently hang out under cold showers, either. Time for a new hot water system installation and to ask yourself that important question: should you get a gas or electric hot water system put in?

Gas VS Electric Hot Water – Are there any other options?

Without a doubt, ‘gas or electric’ is the question asked most frequently when homeowners are on the hunt for a new hot water system. You might also have heard of…

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How to Fix a Leaking Tap in 10 Easy Steps

How to fix a leaking tap

But if those reasons aren’t enough motivation for you to fix your dripping tap today, think about this: a leaking tap can actually stress your plumbing system, causing clogging, overflowing, staining, the deterioration of caulk and grout, and ultimately further damage to your valuable home.

In short: fixing a leaking tap isn’t just a good idea, it’s a must.

Now, you may have heard that just about all plumbing work requires calling a licensed local plumber, and you’d be dead right. But here’s some great news for the keen do-it-yourselfers out there: if you want to fix a dripping tap all by yourself and all it needs is a tap washer, you can go right ahead.

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4 Things to Know About Gas Compliance Certificates

The terminology and precise rules may differ from state to state, but all across Australia, the gas compliance certificate is a big deal.

For the humble resident or small business operator, getting some gas fitting work done seems pretty straightforward. If you need a new gas hot water system, have a gas cooktop to install, or a fault to repair, what do you do? Make a simple call to your trusty plumber and gas fitter and Bob’s your uncle!

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